I hope others find meaning in my work and  that my images help foster an appreciation for nature as well as encourages support and involvement in conservation efforts around the world. 

"Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present." 

~ Albert Camus  ~

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Lynn McBride is a fine art photographer specializing in landscapes, nature and photographic art. Her vivid land and seascapes explore her personal relationship with the natural world. Her work has been displayed in businesses and private homes as well as in a variety of publications including Texas Monthly, Nature Conservancy, San Antonio Woman, Icon, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Highways and American Way magazines as well as The Wall Street Journal, San Antonio Express-News and Austin-American Statesman newspapers and a variety of other publications and websites. 

Dallas Divide, Colorado - Copyright © 2018 Lynn McBride - All Rights Reserved.


My passion for photography began at an early age, encouraged by a love of nature and supportive parents. I began photographing landscapes and wildlife in high school and my deep respect for the natural world continued to grow. My interest in photography never diminishes. A landscape can still take my breath away in its vastness, beauty or simplicity or by a play of light, color or shadow. 

With the immense state of Texas and its numerous ecoregions as my canvas, much of my work is focused here. At every opportunity though, I seek inspiration and self-expression in a range of subject matter and in locations around the world.